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Built-in high precision C axis , 4 axes simultaneously machining, and comprehensive machining capabilities.


The 3rd generation intelligent Expert System

Built-in database of more than 1000 machining data, interactive graphic interface, only need to input machining parameters. The system automatically generates programs to realize one-key machining, no need to worry about how to set complicated machining parameters.

Mirror surface(Ra0.08um / VDI 0)

New AEII discharge power system breaks through old machining limits, which means faster cycle time, better surface finish, and lower electrode wear.

Z axis High-speed jumping 14M/min

The new AEII type motion control algorithm improves debris removal speed, discharge efficiency and shortens cycle time.

Sharp corner R radius <0.01mm for connector

As electronic products move toward high-precision and miniaturization, the minimum wear ratio technology can achieve the excellent performance of the best sharp corner R radius 8um.

Built-in high precision C axis

For high-precision C-axis, there are 2 specifications available: C-AXIS and CR-AXIS.

Best surface roughness of Tungsten Carbide <Ra0.22um /VDI 7, Wear Ratio <18%

The new generation circuit of hard alloy not only greatly suppresses tool wearing, but also has a fast machining speed, even the subtle acute sharp corner angles can be clearly displayed.

Compact three-in-one space saving design

Viewpoints of design combining appearance and practicality, we save as much floor space as possible without sacrificing the stability of overall structure of the machine, maximizing machining efficiency in a limited space.

Unique vari-focus spotlight

Built-in high-illuminance spotlight, more convenient for inspection of workpiece.

New EtherCAT technology

AEII power system uses the latest EtherCAT communication protocol. EtherCAT can realize high-speed, high bandwidth command transmission achieving multi-axis motion control, high precision and high response performance.

15'' touch screen with Windows operation system interface

Simple interactive graphical operation interface with touch screen panel, improving complex operation of traditional CNC machine and non-intuitive operation trouble.

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