CNC sinking edm
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CNC edm molding machine main functions

1. Short circuit film withdrawing protection function, automatic carbon deposition induction protection function;
2. It has four safety protection functions, including liquid level, oil temperature, fire prevention induction and automatic fire extinguisher, and has alarm light indication on the operation panel;
3. Touch mode is practical and convenient, including center, displacement, end face measurement, coordinate measurement, automatic editing and automatic storage;
4. With the function of automatic return to the mechanical origin coordinate, it can quickly find the starting point of processing after power off;
5. Display the status data of each shaft, simulate the machining track, and have the function of fault warning, which is very convenient for maintenance
6. Chinese and English interface, can be switched at any time, with screen protection function
7. The processing database can follow up the actual situation of customers and define the most suitable parameters by itself, which is very convenient for jumping and using. Rough memory: up to 12 subroutines, Max program number 9999.
8. Processing time can be set and controlled, with automatic shutdown function at the end of processing
9. A variety of +3D shaking functions can be combined with multiple (up to 12) subroutines to truly produce complex cavities with high precision requirements, effectively avoiding the side that cannot be overcome by a single shaft spark machine
Large taper problem, so as to meet the high precision requirements of aerospace products;
The linear compensation function of grating improves the precision index of machine tool

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